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Dope Dino Pool Club

The DDPC is a collection of 4,444 Dope Dino NFTs which thrive as unique collectibles on the Solana Blockchain. Your Dope Dinos are not just a NFT you are going to own but also the keys to unlock members only perks like entering the DEN, being eligible to get the 105 SOLANA AIRDROP, and getting TIME MACHINES AIRDROPPED. Further on, the 3D creations in the future enable more physical world usage and also facilitate your entry into the Dope Dino METAVERSE. The Dope Dino team plans to incorporate a STAKING PLATFORM WHICH WILL BE LIVE WITH OUR $STOMP TOKENS HOURS AFTER WE COMPLETE MINTING!

Dope Dino Pool Club


Dope Dino Pool Club

Road Map

Phase 1: Minting

  • 5,555 DDPC will be released on the Solana blockchain
  • Minting- The community members will be able to tame the Dope Dinos in the whitelist pre-mint and a public mint
  • Pre-mint: 700 whitelist spots (DDPC WL) and 1000 Dope Dinos for the pre-mint. (0.4 Sol)
  • Public mint: The remaining Dope Dinos will be available for the public sale. (0.5 Sol)
  • Listing on Major Marketplaces like Magic Eden, etc.
  • Releasing rarity of the Dope Dino Pool Club.

Phase 2: Post Mint

  • Initiate the verification process for all our Dinomates (Holders) to enter the Den (Holder Space)
  • Sweep the floor listed below the mint and then keep buying the floor using the royalties every 24 hours

Phase 3: Giveaways and Donations

  • 5 Sol a day to 5 Dinomates for 21 DAYS IN A ROW i.e. 105 Sol in GIVEAWAYS (1 Sol air dropped to 1 Dinomate)
  • 50% of the sweep NFT’s goes towards drops in the Den to random holders and the other 50% will be burned.
  • 100 Sol DONATION to a charitable organisation of the community’s choosing.

Phase 4: Future

  • Creating 3D characters of the Dope Dinos for them to walk through the metaverse
  • 2,500 TIME MACHINES will be airdropped to random Dinomates to guide your Dope Dino through the mysterious pool club of our Metaverse…
  • The team plans to plant a tree for every NFT sold + the time machines + the mutated NFTs approximately 5555+ 2500 + 2500 ≈ 10,555 trees after mint.
  •   One of a kind deflationary NFT project with a solid future plan to be revealed after public mint via mutations and a staking platform to form a DAO.
  • EXCLUSIVE POOL CLUB PARTY for the holders in the future to connect and meet with other holders.

Dope Dino Pool Club

Our Team


Co-Founder & Project Manager

I'm Nik aka Poseidon, born and raised in India and I moved to Australia in 2020 to study Occupational Therapy. That time was when I became an avid investor in the crypto space and I started off my journey back in August of 2021 in the NFT space with Upland and Panda Dynasty (My first NFTs). I am the Co-Founder/ Project Manager of DDPC along with my best mate VNM. We've got a vision, we've got goals and together with the community we will achieve them, one STOMP at a time.


Co-Founder & Creative Director

I'm Yashvinder aka VNM and I’m the Creative director and one of the Co-Founders of DDPC alongside Poseidon. I am a 21 year old Civil Engineering student. I’m extremely excited for this project of ours and wish to accomplish all the goals together with the people in our community. It’s STOMP time!



I’m Anukriti aka Icarus, the artist for DDPC. I’m 20, and currently in med school, while also trying to pursue my passion for art. I started at a very young age, so I’ve got about 14 years of experience. Super stoked to be a part of this project and excited to see it grow!


Community Manager

My name is Liam, Aka Cerberus, born and raised in Canada. I came into the NFT space almost a year ago, I have loved every second of it and I have past experience with working on projects, outta all of them this is my most favorite. I am the community manager of this project and very happy to be a part of the team and can't wait to see what happens in the future!

Dope Dino Pool Club

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Dope Dino Pool Club